Virtual: Yes, we’re not there physically, but we can fix your PC’s Software Problem with a Software.


Remote: No matter where you are, it does not matter, every where around the globe, we can remotely fix your Problem. 


Repair: This is where the work begins. We will start our solutions after we’re connected to your Computer.

VRO Info

Virtual Remote 


As we advance in the use of Technology, we improve the use of remote works. Craftech Productions launched this service to support our repair works. From the Access portal, we will gain control of your computer and fix your problem for you. Continue Reading Below…

Virtual Remote Repair



  • We can only solve software problems with this operation.
  • You have to be signed in on your PC.
  • Not all software problems can be solved with this operation, but most can.
  • Your Teamviewer app must be a latest version.
  • Your internet connection must be stable with strong network signal.


  • Get a good internet access and enough data bundle.
  • Download the latest version Teamviewer Application from here.
  • Install the application on your computer and run/open it.
  • Send us your Teamviewer ID and Password.
  • You can send via SMS, Chat, or Call Us.
  • After Successful connection, we’ll fix your problem for you.
How Can I Trust This Operation

For Craftech Productions, our aim is to help people solve their technical problems including that of computing. We do not allow any Fraud or Scamming in our Services. We are not going to take any information or sensitive data from your computer, we’re only going to solve your problem. You can read more about our secure protection at our privacy policy page.


What is the price per Operation?

– There is no Fixed Price in this operation. It depends on the problem, but the prices will always be low because it’s a Virtual Remote Operation.

– You can only use E-Payment option due to it being a remote operation


Frequently Asked Questions

You may wonder why a huge agency with Professional Services like Craftech Productions is running on a non-top level domain. Well, getting a Top Level Domain is not much necessary to us. Top Level Domains helps you to indicate sites activity and profession. But running on a non-top level domains seems to be a best match for Craftech Productions. Example:, and other domains we would like to chose is already taken. Also running on a free domain helps us reduce our digital marketing cost. Therefore, we do not plan to purchase a TLD. 

As time goes on, recommendations and other upgrades of our services may force us to move to a Top-Level Domain.